• How to know if you need a Brain Coach

    The body and brain speak to us in a variety of ways to signal something's wrong. Unfortunately, these subtle yet palpable signs are ignored and disease then follows. Some of the signs of trouble include, but aren't limited to these: memory problems, alcohol & drug dependency, obsessive, compulsive and violent behavior, and more. As a result, many have been diagnosed with some of these brain conditions: ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PMS, and Brain Trauma.

    Why are these conditions so difficult to diagnose and treat? Because the brain is rarely looked at!

    What do I mean by this? With most diseases or conditions, there's some type of imaging available. Keep in mind, MRI and Brain Scans are anatomical studies.

    What do I recommend? A Brain Spect Scan, which stands for single-photon emission computed tomography. A Spect scan looks

    at the blood flow to the brain (which is the main cause of many brain conditions) and it looks at the activity patterns in the brain.

    What would be the benefit of having a Spect brain scan and/or to work with a Brain Health Coach?

    Optimizing brain function which can prevent disease, improve relationships, help with stress management, hormone management, better sleep, and will help activate your own ability to heal.

    What will you learn? You will learn how to activate healing centers of the brain via nutrition, supplements, medications & holistic methods which will help your brain activity and allow for targeted support. Additionally, you will learn your specific type & subtype which will help you better manage and treat your condition with the goal of feeling better than you probably ever have in your life!

    What if I can't afford a Spect brain scan? No worries, we can utilize a health history and an extensive intake process to access your brain activity and needs.


  • Soon to be Certified as a Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics!

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    Learn from a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner at a pace and time that works for you. Tania will be facilitating web-based courses that will enable you to make quick lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

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    - Nutrition 101

    - Essential Oils for the entire family

    - Understanding Emotional Health-Anxiety

    - Understanding Emotional Health-Depression

    - Stress Management

    - Revolutionary Skincare

    - Brain Health

    - Essential Oils & Nutrition for Fitness

    - Disease Prevention

    - Healing from the Inside Out

    - Healing Trauma

    - Bone Health

    - Mastering Sleep Health

    - Hormone Revolution

    - Identify hidden toxins

    - How Meds cause Nutritional Deficiencies

    - The Autoimmunity Mystery

    and so much more!!!

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