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    We will utilize many different modalities to activate your own natural abilities to heal. These are just a few...

    doTERRA Essential Oils

    Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

    Explore the power, science, and usage of essential oils by doTerra. This oil education is worth hundreds but for you, it's included in the cost of this program. Learn what oils or products can be helpful for your personal wellness needs.

    Emotional Health

    Explore how your emotions and repressed trauma creates disease and dis-ease.

    When one heals emotionally it activates the healing within the body on a cellular level. Weight-loss, freedom from trauma, long-standing disease, and more can be achieved by addressing the root cause.

    Environmental Health/Hormonal Health

    Unexplained illness is often tied to an environmental hidden toxin.

    We are surrounded by toxins in our homes, workplaces, and of course in the air and water we take in. But there are many more of which we are unaware of. Have you often wondered where your illness stemmed from? Explore ways to find the root of the problem and what to do about it.

    Brain Health

    Have you looked at your brain?

    Most people, including physicians, have never looked at their brains even when there has been a reason to. You will be given the option of a Spect brain scan as an add-on feature to this program. Even if a brain scan is not a financial option for you, I have assessment tools that enable me to assess the brain activity and what areas of the brain need attention to address concerns such as depression, dementia, PTSD, addiction, ADHD, and more.

  • Testimonials



    Tania has improved my life in a HUGE way. Before Tania’s help, my autoimmune disease prevented me from just getting up in the mornings without a struggle, walking, literally just walking, and going to school on a regular basis.


    Since I started working with Tania I have lost weight, have so much energy, and I’m able to work out and do activities I love. She researched my condition to make sure everything she was giving me was going to help. I received essential oils and supplement suggestions from her and she even helped me become gluten-free. I am so grateful for Tania’s help! If you wish to enrich your physical condition and well-being, I highly recommend working with her.




    While stricken with COVID-19 my body didn't belong to me. I lost control of many systems that included stomach discomfort and digestive woes. I wanted to heal my body of all toxins that may have been created.

    I was recommended dõTerra cleanse and restore kit and included their essential oils as an added health benefit. I am in my last week of this 30-day program. I feel like a "regular" woman again.